Whappos Food Truck

The food trucks of Bend, Oregon crave a revolution and Whappos is your industry leader that will make a difference in our town. This is the arrival of the first Whappos food truck in Bend, Oregon.

Whappos will bring you authentic tastes in Bend. When it comes to food quality and menu creativity, Whappos will work tirelessly to separate from the pack. We subject our food truck protocol to the rigorous standards of any expectation in the industry. The Caribbean Vibe may be laid back, but our commitment to the Bend community is anything but that!

Our Philosophy

We take pride in knowing that we only use the freshest and healthiest ingredients, and we use fully compostable packaging that contributes to the well-being of our delicate little planet we call home. Additionally, choosing Whappos shouldn’t feel like a chore, nor should it empty your wallet, and that is what we have set out to do with our food, so we carefully craft our menus for maximum choice and taste, while keeping the cost as low and affordable as possible. Our food is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and rejuvenated, both in your body and your mind.

Our Team

David Smith, Owner and General Manager

David Smith is an accomplished leader with a strong technical background established over 28 years as an acquisition program manager and developmental expert for the United States Department of Defense. David has earned a Masters degree in Procurement and Acquisition Management from Webster University. David has a well-earned reputation for delivering results by developing strategy, building cohesive teams and empowering team members to achieve a shared vision and make a difference for success. David is a combat arms veteran who served in many numerous high-risk locations around the globe. His service to the country displays the dedication and unquestionable loyalty it takes to accomplish any mission. As a Commissioned Officer, David lead so many people with varied experiences and backgrounds, the vision, discipline and leadership required to make his teams winners was incredibly important and beneficial for the success of defending freedom.

Robert Gordo, Executive Chef

Chef Robert Gordo is a formally trained chef who was graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a Degree of Culinary Arts in 1996, where he was selected class Valedictorian and later served as a Practicum Instructor. Chef Gordo has been in the culinary industry for more than 25 years and has worked closely with some of America’s most famous chefs including Eric Ripert, Mark Militello and Norman Van Aken. Since first opening Off the Grille in Miami in 2000, Chef Gordo has continuously owned and operated successful and award winning restaurants. Among the many awards received by Off the Grille are the Zagat Award for America’s Top Restaurants (8 times in the past 10 years), the New Times “Best of Miami” Editorial Award (Winner 2017), and Urbanspoon’s “Best Miami Restaurants” Award (2013). Chef Rob and Off the Grille have also been featured in numerous published articles and TV spots including multiple features in the Miami New Times and the Miami Herald. Over many years, Chef Gordo’s culinary vision has evolved into providing healthier lifestyles by transforming fresh locally sourced ingredients into healthy menu alternatives that can be enjoyed without compromising taste. The motto at Chef Gorodo’s flagship restaurant Off the Grille is simply: Real Chef, Delicious Food, Healthy Choices at Affordable Prices.